Why Join

Praying for loved ones.
  Praying for you.

In the last few months people have walked up to us saying, “I’m really scared.”  Sometimes even shaking, but definitely talking to us with a noticeable posture that accelerates their words in our minds.

“What makes you so scared?”

“I won’t have anybody to pray for me after I die.”

“Why not?”

“Because my wife isn’t Catholic, nor do my Catholic children pray.”

“We will pray for you.  If we don’t see you for a while we will look into what happened.  If you died, we will add you to the Requiem Mass Remembrance Book plus offer Masses and Rosary’s to help you should you go to Purgatory.”

Their shoulders drop and their posture is better.

“Oh good.”

The questions to you is, “Do you have the same concern about nobody praying for you after you die?”

Prayer.  Praying for them.  Praying for you.

Praying to move souls through Purgatory faster.

Membership isn’t about indulgences since the Catholic Church has that market cornered.

We don’t offer going to Heaven directly, either.  Nice of you to ask.


The Purgatory People works to help you pray for your deceased loved ones and after you die, we ask members to pray for you while we offer Masses on your behalf.

This is about a group of Church Militant Catholics getting involved to help the group of people they know who have died, as well as making preparations to help themselves after they die.

Of the 50 people I know who have died at least one of them could be in  Purgatory.  Heaven and hell aside, at least one could be in Purgatory, right?  Basic odds tell us at least one needs prayers.

I don’t know which one so I pray for all 50.  The accounting and distribution of souls to their final destination is not within our control.

But we can help them move along from Purgatory to Heaven faster if we pray for them, which is the center of this ministry.

Moving souls through Purgatory faster.

Become a Member

You are not alone in missing your relatives, friends or enemies.

We miss ours too.

Combine your prayers with ours to empty purgatory.

Your membership, less gift costs, will be used to purchase more Poor Souls prayer cards on your behalf to be distributed.